How my ‘perfect’ online life shattered – Korra Obidi poetically opens up

Korra Obidi treated her followers to a narrative detailing her near breaking point during the intense online fervor surrounding her divorce ordeal with Justin Dean.

  • Korra Obidi, the dancer renowned for amassing fame and success through her online content creations, recently shared thought-provoking poetry that delves into the sobering tale of how her meticulously constructed ‘perfect’ online life came crashing down.
  • The fiercely resilient mother of two, who recently went through a divorce with her ex-husband, bemoaned the relentless onslaught of fabricated tales and twisted narratives peddled by bloggers, which came perilously close to snatching away her hard-fought joy.

US-Based Nigerian Dancer and Singer, Korra Obidi, recently divulged a deeply contemplative poem detailing how the perilous impact of her association with social media almost inflicted irreparable damage on her life.

In a mesmerizing poetic depiction of her tumultuous marital journey, Korra Obidi, via her Instagram page, shared how her perfect life online suddenly fell apart and how it happened very quickly.

According to her, she couldn’t have predicted it because she didn’t see any signs beforehand.

Korra Obidi conveyed that amidst the crisis,  there was a stain, a sense of fear, and a looming danger.

Expanding on her stance, the dancer said that bloggers were resolute in their intention to bring her down. According to her, even now, they persist in devising plans and tactics, spreading false rumors and deploying fabricated news.

Korra further stated that, amidst the abyss of her darkest hours, she delved into the depths of her inner self, finding refuge within the most inconspicuous ‘Matryoshka’ doll that lay concealed and unseen.

As she recounted, she posed a question to her inner child, pondering the essence of her troubles. In a lighthearted tone, she shared that the response she received was a humorous reminder about her breath needing the freshness of Maclean toothpaste.

Sharing a picture, Korra Obidi wrote;

“It happened overnight
My ʻperfect’ online life shattered
Could never predict, no foresight
The smear, the dread the hazard
The bloggers were determined to destroy Till date they still scheme and ploy

Fake gist to fake news they deployed

The smear nearly stole my joy
In my darkest dark I looked within My tiniest Matryoshka nestling unseen
I asked little Korra, what does it all mean? She said ‘puchalim, onu gi na esi, e neediri Maclean’.”


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