Reactions As Korra Obidi Shows Her Dance Moves In The Streets Of Lagos [WATCH VIDEO]

US-based Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi is currently in Nigeria for the shoot of her music video. She’s spent the past couple of days working hard on the creation of the music video for her recently released song.

In a video recently shared by the dancer on her Facebook page, she could be seen dancing with a group of young men in the streets of Lagos as they arrange clips for the music video.

However, the video was welcomed by dozens of mixed reactions as some fans who reacted seemed displ**ased with Korra’s outfit.

However, some fans who reacted pointed out that nothing was wrong with her outfit as she was only doing her job as an artist.

Mahasa Bashardoost Paula wrote;

“ALL THIS H**TE. I think she looks beautiful. I love it and I keep watching it over and over again. She is an artist. Stop criticizing and enjoy her art. You begged her to do her shoot in Nigeria but now you are saying it’s r**bbish. RESPECT THE ARTIST and her choices. Let’s respect each other’s choices with less judgment.”

Watch the video here

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