YouTuber buys real-life GTA 5 luxury penthouse for $7.5 million

Many YouTube content creators have managed to make a lot of money and get many of the things they dreamed of through the Google site. A YouTuber bought a real-life “GTA5” penthouse and shot a video to show it off. YouTuber Kwebbelkop often shares his game challenges on YouTube, mainly GTA5 and Minecraft.

His YouTube channel has attracted the attention of nearly 15 million netizens, and each video has more than 80,000 viewers. His impressive performance on YouTube helped him make a lot of money. Rich and willful, he bought a penthouse in Amsterdam.

It is reported that he spent $7.5 million for the real-life GTA 5 penthouse, which includes lavish decorations such as custom statues, a $40,000 piano, a $45,000 collectibles rack, a jacuzzi , a $60,000 bonsai tree. In addition, Kwebbelkop also showed two lounge areas, one of which houses a $22,000 TV , a $10,000 pool table, and more.

Kwebbelkop also brought in a 16th-century art cabinet with several works of art. There’s also a $20,000 sauna and $8,000 gym with treadmills and lots of other equipment. Kwebbelkop thinks other Youtubers may have bought mansions, but certainly not as much as his real-life GTA5 penthouse.

Many viewers also expressed great enthusiasm, they believed that Kwebbelkop had overcome all kinds of difficulties and finally found his own happiness. Kwebbelkop has got the YouTube diamond play button, I hope he will continue to work hard and get the red diamond award (100 million subscribers).


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