Justin Dean Reveals How He Almost Deletes His Facebook Page In New Video [WATCH VIDEO]

Korra Obidi’s ex husband, Justin Dean revealed in new video posted on his official Facebook page, on how he almost deleted his Facebook page due to cyb**r b**lly and false news about him.

Korra Obidi and Justin Dean divorced in year 2022 early March, shortly after giving birth to her second daughter, Athena Dean, since then they’ve been living separately and only co-parent together.

Last year news about Korra Obidi dragging him to court about not paying his children school fees and not contributing to his children affairs was all over the internet.

Korra Obidi explains how she has been the one paying for the children school fees and so on, later on her ex-husband claim it wasn’t true that he wanted his children to attend public school in the US,that public schools are free and they’re covered by parents taxes.

Since then Justin Dean has been experiencing false news and lies about him all over the internet,so recently he decided to delete his page to secure the future of his children.

Later on her posted a video that a friend urge him not to do so that his page has saved many lives and so on, so decide not to delete it.

Justin Dean also let his followers know that they won’t be seeing any of his children face on the internet again that he’s keeping them safe and don’t want them to grow up with any bad influence.

Watch Justin dean video below👇

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