Check out the After pictures of the Viral lady people made fun of because of her pregnancy photoshoot

A woman by the name of Precious became popular on social media after her pregnant photoshoot images were released.

The woman in question participated in a pregnant photo session. She was dressed in fur slides, a black b*a, and green und*rp*nts with st**pes.

Precious has been compared to Rihanna’s broke sister and has been mocked for her photo shoot. Zimbabwean socialite Zuva Habane contacted Precious and surprised her with a stunning photo shoot. A lady has received gifts from Zuva Habane.

Precious was aware that she lacked the funds for a lavish photo shoot, but she chose to go nonetheless in order to get her picture taken and make memories for her pregnant child’s later years.

Despite her being mocked on social media, other individuals have felt such compassion for her. Zuva found the woman, groomed her, and then showered her with lovely pregnant gowns and hampers.

In a Facebook live video, she stated:

What exactly did I say? Positivity can emerge from negativity. Rihanna and Mrs. Bello are here with me! She was being referred to by you as the impoverished Rihanna. Do you still like her?

Precious, the expectant woman, donned a stunning orange gown with a long train and high lace shoulders. She looked amazing and unrecognizably different thanks to the addition of makeup, a lovely manicure and pedicure, and adorable earrings.

Precious was located, dressed, and given a baby humper that had a bathing dish, baby clothes, bags, and other delights by a businesswoman who owns a children’s clothing boutique and contacted Zuva for assistance.

In order to take care of herself both before and after the pregnancy, she also received another hamper.

It is very hopeful that there are still good people in this world, who wouldn’t make fun of your situation but find ways to better it, may God bless Zuva.

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