Khloe Kardashian casually confirms baby boy’s name after ‘annoyingly’ keeping it a secret from fans for over 1 year

KHLOE Kardashian has finally announced her son’s name – but the announcement wasn’t as grand as most expected it to be.

Khloe, 38, had her son via surrogate with Tristan Thompson, 32, in July of 2022.

Ever since, the Kardashian has been keeping her son’s name locked away from the public – until now.

During the season three premiere of The Kardashians reality show on Hulu, the Good American founder shared his name.

The name we’ve all been waiting for – Tatum.

During the show, Khloe was talking to James Corden, 44, when he asked her if anything new was going on in her life.

For context, James is an executive producer for the show through Fulwell 73 Productions.

After James asks her “What else is new in your life?” Khloe responded, “Not much… Oh, I had a baby.”

Both of them started laughing, and then the former Late Late Show host asked what her first child’s name is.

She told him it was True, and he jokingly said she should name her second child “False.”

That’s when the show switches into a confessional with Khloe, and a producer can be heard saying the show is going to “break some news.”

The producer finally asks, “What is his name?”

Khloe casually said, “His name is Tatum. So, Tatum and True.

“Naming a human is really hard,” and she let out a sigh of relief.


Kardashian fans have been strung along for a year now, and they have been frustrated with the secrecy ever since, and they aired their frustrations on social media.

After the finale of season two, one fan tweeted, “No name for Khloe’s baby by the finale is annoying af…what’s the big secret/deal? #bored #TheKardashians”

Another said, “Omfg, now I gotta wait d**n near 2 years for Khloe to put out her son’s name.”

Now that the time has come, critics on Reddit are over it.

One said, “OMG who actually cares this much about this baby’s name at this point?”

Another commented, “Literally no one gives a f**k, no one. Name him Dandelion for all we give a f**k.”


Kardashian matriarch Kris, 67, slipped the boy’s name during an installment of the Hulu show. 

In the debut episode of the second season, Khloe’s momager said: “The biggest thing that you need to think about now is a name.”

While the two were in the hospital, Khloe replied: “It is going to start with a T. I mean, that’s only the names I’ve been looking at.”

Kris picked off a list of names from her phone: “Tyler, Tucker, Tatum.”

She jokingly referenced Kylie Jenner‘s former baby daddy, Travis Scott, 32, and added: “We could name him Travis and then just have an easy three.”

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