Twitter may be blocked by the Indian government, accusing Twitter of threatening national security and violating the constitutional rights of the Indian people

Over the past year, the Indian government has repeatedly asked Twitter to delete accounts or posts that spread misinformation about farmers’ demonstrations, saying they threaten national security and public order online. Authorities recently issued a warning to Twitter, accusing Twitter of violating the constitutional rights of the Indian people and facing “serious consequences” and criminal prosecution if it fails to comply with the order, raising concerns about whether the Indian government will block Twitter locally.

India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Industry Technology issued a warning to Twitter late last month, saying Twitter would be criminally prosecuted if it did not comply with the order and crack down on content suspected of violating the local Information Technology Act as required.


 In this regard, Twitter submitted a petition to the local court because of its dissatisfaction with the Indian government’s abuse of power, and intended to conduct judicial review of the authorities’ order, alleging that some of the content requested by the Indian government to be deleted did not comply with the procedures of the local IT Act, and did not provide Twitter with specific details. Describe what should be reviewed.

The Indian government said Twitter would face “serious consequences” if it did not comply with the order, accusing it of violating the constitutional rights of the Indian people, raising concerns that the authorities may block Twitter locally. It is reported that Twitter has 24 million Indian users.

Source: BBC

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