After July 9th, the Unreal Engine 5 experience of “The Matrix Awakens” will be removed from the shelves.

If you haven’t tried the Matrix Awakening Unreal Engine 5 experience, it’s best to seize the last chance of these two days. Earlier, Epic Games officially announced that “The Matrix Awakens” will be removed from the PlayStation and Xbox stores after July 9. However, once you download it, you can experience it indefinitely in the future, so interested players should take it first anyway.

“The Matrix Awakens” is not a complete game, it was born to demonstrate the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, and it was also one of the promotional tools for last year’s “The Matrix: Resurrection” movie. In it, players can see realistic graphics and natural light and shadow effects. Perhaps after the experience, you will be like Keanu Reeves. “How do we determine what is real?” Soul torture.

In addition to “The Awakening of Hacker Quest”, the UE5 experience of “Tomb Raiders” and “ARK 2” have also been released. After that, you can also look forward to the works from “The Witcher” and “Black Myth: Wukong”

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