iPhone14 Pro adopts LPDDR5 Is Android smartphone LPDDR5X?

Wccftech has reported that the memory installed in the Realme GT2 Explorer Master will be LPDDR5X . The memory of the iPhone14 Pro series is rumored to be LPDDR5.

LPDDR5X adopted by Android smartphones in advance

The memory of the iPhone 14 series is expected to be LPDDR4X for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, and LPDDR5 for the iPhone 14 Pro series .
Meanwhile, the Realme GT2 Explorer Master, which is expected to be announced on July 12, 2022, seems to be equipped with LPDDR5X memory.

Excellent power efficiency, but high manufacturing cost

Wccftech states that LPDDR5X is more power efficient and consumes 20% less power when compared to LPDDR5 .
However, because it is more expensive to manufacture than LPDDR5, it will increase the selling price of products that use LPDDR5X, the media reports. The adoption of LPDDR5X is expected for the foreseeable future, as Apple tends to adopt it after the price is low and the reliability is sufficiently secured for parts based on the new standard . 

Source: Weibo via Wccftech 

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