The web version of Google Photos now shows if your photos are taking up storage space

According to a report by 9to5Google , the web version of Google Photos has added a simple little feature that allows you to see the backup and space occupancy status of photos in the photo’s “info” page. 

The web version of Google Photos already shows more content than the mobile version (such as what device it was uploaded from), so it’s now more convenient to manage photos and space.

Google has suspended the free unlimited storage of photos from June 1, 2021 , so it is more convenient to see the status of photos, especially those who have unlimited storage before, may need to know more Which photos are in original quality that takes up space. 

As for the file size, it was originally written under the file name and after the photo size, but now only the original image quality backup will display the size.

At present, this function seems to be in the process of being gradually pushed (the editor has no account yet), but if it is really convenient to use, it should be more convenient to display this information when selecting a photo. If you click on one to see if it’s full size or save space, it’s still troublesome.

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